Know What You Get From Our Stump Grinding Services

Have plans of getting rid of that tree stump in your Thornton, CO lawn? It can be tempting to do the work yourself, but it’s not that easy and causes more serious problems. Getting rid of a tree is easy, but getting rid of the stump is more challenging. You need the appropriate knowledge, equipment, experience, and training to get rid of the stump. Without the right knowledge, equipment, experience, and training, your DIY attempt to get rid of a stump can go wrong! With that said, it’s important to work with a stump grinding company like Gil's Tree Services LLCĀ  to ensure the job is done smoothly and safely.

New stumps can cause unsightly re-growth

When other species of trees are cut down close or just above the ground, it can continue to generate sucker growth from the stump. If this happens, then you’ll have to use more money and time for cutting down the suckers and spraying them with chemicals. Most suckers also absorb nutrients from nearby plants so other parts of your garden will also suffer. If left unattended, then this re-growth can turn into unsightly bushes that will resemble their proper form. It’s also poorly attached to the rotting trunk and can even become a safety concern if left unattended.

Stump Grinding in Thornton CO


Have the proper knowledge for the grinding

Stump grinding can be a time-consuming and detailed process from start to finish, ranging from pre-removal inspection to the final cleanup. Hiring the services of our team in Thornton, CO will ensure that you won’t have any problems to deal with once the problem itself on top of knowing what to do with all the free space. Having the right experience and knowledge will also allow every contractor to keep your garden safe by implementing post-care steps such as soil preparations.

Help lessen both pest and bug infestation

If the stump is left unattended for a few years, then the decaying matter can attract bugs and pests. If the stump is neat other healthy trees, then it can pose a threat for these trees because pests are attracted to the stump. If the stump is near your property, it can also attract wood-boring insects that can pose potential damage to your property and building. It’s best to spend your money on a small amount of money for stump grinding rather than risking these potential dangers and incur additional charges.

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