Importance of a Timely Dead Tree Removal

When Trees Must Go

Trees are living beings. And just like any living being, a time comes when their life comes to an end. For most trees, removal remains the only option. At other times haphazard growth poses a risk to people and property, making a dead tree removal a compulsion. And if not these two, a decaying and insect-infested tree can mar the property’s looks or even degrade the value.

Signs of Dead Trees

Some of the noticeable signs of dead trees on your property include the following:

  • Bark that’s peeling away or falling off
  • Broken or damaged limbs
  • Discolored or clearly dead leaves
  • Large cracks or crevices in the trunk of the tree
  • Significant infestations of wood-boring insects

When trees die due to aging reasons or those not specifically caused by pests or early disease, they typically do so by becoming dry and brittle. This is due to a lack of moisture and nutrients they’re able to receive, often because their root systems are no longer capable of ingesting these properly. While living trees are able to absorb and transport moisture and its accompanying nutrients to all necessary areas, dead or dying ones aren’t as able to hydrate themselves. They’ll become more likely to break, particularly in thinner areas.

On several occasions, a tree can become so familiar that it’s hard to imagine what your yard would be like without it. But it’s important to view the bigger picture. Consider the future of your property and how the tree is likely to progress. Then, think about the issues that we outlined for you above. And while in this dilemma, never attempt to remove the tree yourself as it can be an accident in waiting. Calling on the pros is always the best route to take. In Thornton, CO and the surrounding areas, Gil's Tree Services LLC is your trusted dead tree removal expert. Call us at (303) 353-0330 for inquiries.